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Really appreciate the dynamics of other agents and the trust.

Systems and support are the best.


Wow, Tim and Denis, you guys are great to work with, and your tireless support is very much appreciated.

The people and tools you provide to support our sales efforts help us. Thank you.

M. Lange

Couldn’t be happier.


It is no secret that I enjoy the work atmosphere of Affinity Group Pinnacle.

Not just a fun place to work… and work is a misnomer, I think we all think of it as a way of providing a level of excellent service beyond compare, all the while having a great time. We are surrounded by amazing support staff, like-minded responsible Realtors, education opportunities, and a leadership team that always make themselves available to answer questions or to guide us through the occasionally challenging situations that may arise in the process of a deal. Our brokerage is the best by far… fun, inclusive and connected. Love it!


Our administration staff is the best that I have worked with.

Also, the information that is provided to the sales people with the ongoing training in this ever-changing market.


I can't say enough good things about the entire brokerage team.

Exceptional in every way, both professionally and personally. I am proud to be a part of Affinity Group.


Our office is a great workplace.


The support is amazing and reliable.

The brokerage is innovative and always forward thinking.


Ever since starting at Affinity I have felt an overwhelming sense of support.

The knowledge that comes from the team at Affinity (especially admin) is amazing, and I am not joking when I tell the girls I couldn't do this without them. I also am grateful for feeling like I can call Tim, Denis, and other agents when I have questions or concerns and there is always someone to help. I also really feel like the brokerage is constantly trying to grow and improve in any area that they can, and I feel like I am part of a team that really is working to bring the best for agents and clients. Thank you so much for all that you do! :)


Best company I have ever had the pleasure working at, I recommend our brokerage to everyone I talk to.

The level of support we receive from the office is unheard of in Brokerages, keep up the good work!


The very best support in the industry.

So grateful to be part of this team.

J. Burnham

Enjoy the atmosphere.

The ongoing commitment of the admin is great.


Not only do I recommend, I represent Affinity Pinnacle Realty Group with pride.

My professionalism, integrity and sincere desire to the the best job possible is a mirror reflection of the brokerage's values. I work with confidence! Thank you for that.


Affinity Group Pinnacle Realty - I LOVE YOU!

! Tim, Denis. Your commitment to everyone at Affinity Group is second to none. The constant support and ongoing dedication does not go without recognition. Because of your vision and tenacious attitude, you inspire others to be their absolute best. You lead by example and gently encourage others to step out of their comfort zone by providing the proven tools and resources needed to get everyone to their absolute best. You have created a successful brokerage. A successful group of professionals. A successful image throughout our community. And you have both remained to be a couple of pretty cool guys!! Of whom I have great respect and admiration. You are my friend first, and my business partner second. And for that I am deeply grateful.


Affinity Group and the team is amazing.


This company is nothing but amazing since I started!

At this point I have appreciated the huge support as I learn, and weave myself into the industry. I have been truly grateful for what this team provides and am always thankful I chose this brokerage.

C. Kucevic

It’s no secret how much I love the office atmosphere Affinity Group provides for us.

Between the support from the owners, broker of record and administration staff to the professional and helpful agents the environment is a place to grow, feel comfortable and support one another. Affinity Group goes above and beyond in providing us with websites, guides, literature, meetings, professional development and support to make us the best agents we can be.


Tim, Denis, and the Admin Team do an exceptional job to create a great work environment at Affinity.

I appreciate all that you do!


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